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Kids Prayer Journal Kona

 Hi Kids                                             

 It’s great to have you visiting our website on Kids Prayer Journal corner. We welcome you to this exciting adventure in partnering to know Jesus through the study of His word, the Bible. It is our pray that as you study these power texts daily, may it enriches your life and want to talk to and with God for anything. Remember, God is a true friend you can trust and talk to Him for anything anytime anywhere. May these studies be a kick start for a lifelong adventure with Jesus.

Although the focus is for kids, it is also beneficial to youths and adults who wish to do the study. We pray that you will be greatly blessed as you use these study guides or help your child to know Jesus.


The Prayer study guides for the first 30 days, the month of April, 2012 is adopted from South Pacific Kids’ Prayer Journal; Partnering to know Jesus (2009). Adventist Children Ministries, South Pacific Division. Written by Litiana Rakarakatia Qiosese-Turner.


Unless stated, all biblical verses come from the New Living Translation Wheaton, Illinois, Tyndale Publishers Inc, 1996


If you have any questions or experiences relating to the study that you wish to share, you may contact us on our website.

Your guide for this journey is a very special friend of mind and I know you’ll enjoy travelling with him.



Tour Guide

    Hi my name is Chesed, (pronounced: Hair-said). My name is Hebrew for loving-kindness.

I’m going to be your guide as you begin your prayer journal journey…look for my paw prints as a clue for when you might like to try something new…

As your guide, I’ll be advising or modelling for you:

  1. Different ways you may want to write, talk or communicate with Jesus
  2. How you can study a passage from the Bible and take out of it some lessons for your daily life
  3. How you may draw a picture, or write out a song (you’ve heard) that captures an idea from your Bible reading.


On this journey which we will share together the most important things is to be honest about your thoughts, feelings and experience (this is your personal journey with Jesus). Be open to what Jesus wants to tell you, as you begin to walk with Him every day.

I pray, you enjoy your adventure in getting to know my Master…




Before you Study

  1. Down load the daily study guide (not for reprinting for sales, however copies can be made to share with friends)
  2. Find a convenient quiet place where you want to spend time with Jesus
  3. Make sure you have your bible, pen / pencil, study guide and a note book. You can create your own prayer note book (journal). Visit other prayer websites for creative ideas for creating your own prayer journal.
  4. When ready, close your eyes and say your prayer.


Suggested Opening Prayer

Dear Jesus

I just come to you right now to spend time with you. I pray that you will show me the things you want me to know. Please forgive me if I have done anything that puts a distance between you and me. I ask you to give me a greater knowledge of you. I ask all these things in your Name. Amen!

Suggested Closing Prayer: ACTS